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Our Clients Reviews

I was extremely happy with their work. I was never worried about them in the house while I was away, true professions in my book. They are very easygoing and always available to answer questions and think about the project. They were helpful in that they made suggestions to make my remodel even better. They go the extra mile that many contractors don’t do these days. If I ever have another project I would hire them in a second.

Maria Walton

Grand Rapids, MI

The job was done as promised and the pricing was competitive. You will not likely find a more trustworthy and dedicated person than Amit who walked me through the repairs and showed me videos of everything he found and corrected. Great guy, great company. Have arranged for them to repair my old chimney as well because I trust them and definitely will call them for my next remodeling project

Jose Hines

Washington, MD

I got 3 estimates and Home and Beyond were the middle ones. From the very start, Amit gave us a schedule and was on it from start to finish. The quality of the work was exceptional. We had a new bathroom put in and a new kitchen cabinet and island, it came out gorges and exactly the way I imagined. I could not be happier with the end result and their communication throughout the project

Karen Murphy

Miami, FL

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Maria Walton

Grand Rapids, MI

Fast And Reliable Service For Your Project Or A Quick Fix, We Do It All!

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