From Vision to Reality: Our Process

It’s All About You

Welcome to D&A Construction, where exceptional service and client satisfaction are the bedrock of our operations. Founded on these principles, our commitment goes beyond just meeting your needs – we aim to exceed them. As you prepare for our upcoming in-home estimate, know that our focus is on providing tailored solutions and innovative approaches to each project. Our founder and project managers are dedicated to solving challenges and optimizing your experience, ensuring that every decision we make helps bring your vision to life efficiently and effectively. We look forward to demonstrating how our personalized service can make a significant difference in your project.

What to Expect from D&A Construction

We’ve put together this guide to thoroughly explain our process from beginning to end. By reviewing this information before our in-person estimate, you’ll gain a complete understanding of what to expect for your upcoming project. Our aim is to make your experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Once we schedule your estimate with D&A Construction, you can count on our punctuality. We respect your time and aim to utilize every moment efficiently. During the consultation, a knowledgeable team member will discuss your project ideas, take necessary measurements, and provide a detailed estimate on-site using our advanced CRM software. This process ensures you have a clear understanding of the labor scope and potential costs before we conclude our visit. We understand it’s crucial for you to make informed decisions, and this consultation is the perfect opportunity to address any questions you might have.

Once you review and approve the estimate, we are ready to go, and we’ll get things moving! We will draft and send you a personalized contract, detailing the scope of work and a breakdown of the payment terms specific to your project. We’re excited to help bring your vision to life. Your project will be scheduled based on current availability and any external factors, like material delivery, which can affect our timeline.

While we are all waiting to begin our project, it’s the perfect time to finalize selections like colors and materials. We recommend visiting our showroom to see options in person and get the help of our office manager with material design, ensuring your choices match your vision accurately. Our office is fully committed to making your materials selection decisions as comfortable and precise as possible, whether it’s from our showroom selection, our partnered vendors, or any material supplier that will have your unique pieces.

Once you’ve made your material selections, we’ll place the order with the supplier. Materials will be delivered to our warehouse. When we start your project, we will deliver materials to your house as necessary. We need you to make some available space to temporarily store some of the material during your project. It’s important to choose a spot that is both convenient for you and out of the way.

Our workday usually begins at 8:30-9 AM at your property and continues until around 5-6 PM. Depending on the proximity of your home to our office and the specific requirements of the project, our arrival and departure times may vary slightly. Our dedicated crew takes a lunch break mid-day and ensures to clean up and organize the property before leaving each evening. At D&A Construction, each crew is assigned to only one project at a time, ensuring that we remain fully committed to your project from start to finish. Construction can be messy and the site may temporarily look worse before it looks better, but we have extensive experience and are committed to your satisfaction; the project is not complete until you are delighted with the results.

At D&A Construction, we ensure consistent oversight and communication throughout every project. A manager regularly checks in with the crew to ensure everything is proceeding as planned. Each crew has a designated crew leader who manages day-to-day operations, acting as the foreman. For any inquiries or concerns you might have, we recommend contacting your project manager. This ensures your messages are accurately conveyed to the appropriate professionals. While you might not always see our management team on-site, we maintain constant communication with our teams, leveraging the latest technologies and software to enhance our efficiency. Our crew leaders keep our company hub updated with regular progress reports.

On the project start day, your project manager and crew will meet with you to confirm all details. You don’t need to be home during the entire project, but we need access to utilities like water and electricity. Our team will manage the site with the utmost care, keeping it clean and organized.

Throughout the construction, we’ll stay in touch and maintain constant communication, providing updates and responding to any questions. Your project manager will ensure that everything progresses smoothly and according to plan, coordinating closely with both the crew and you, the client. We’re committed to transparency and open communication.

After finishing the construction work, we will conduct a thorough cleanup followed by a final walkthrough with you to ensure every aspect meets your expectations. This is the time for any final adjustments.

We appreciate feedback and encourage you to share your experience with D&A Construction in a review. Positive feedback helps others understand the quality of work we strive to deliver.